A Little Housekeeping and a Big Move

So things are starting to get a little crowded over here with all the daily Grateful Dead posts.

When I started this site, I envisioned writing more short album reviews, but I think that the current pace of one or two reviews a week is going to be the norm, and I’m afraid that the Grateful Dead shows of the day are going to swamp the site and make it hard to find the reviews of the other music.

So as of today, I’m moving the Grateful Dead stuff to a new site called The Daily Dose of the Dead.  The old Dead posts will stay here.  So if you’ve enjoyed the Dead material, please subscribe to the new site as well as this one, that way you’ll be covered for all your music needs, Dead and non-Dead alike.  And thanks for reading (all three of you)!


The Start of Something New

Music has always been a part of my life, going back to when I was just a little kid and my father used to tape Scott Muni’s Beatles show Ticket To Ride on WNEW on Sunday mornings so that we could listen to it together when I got home from CCD.

Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a fairly large collection of music (mostly CDs but some records).  Every two years, when the CDs that I’ve bought fill the very limited space allotted to them in our “media center”, I need to add them to the binders that hold the major part of the CD collection.  This process usually takes a couple of nights to complete, since the discs are in alphabetical order.  Every time that I do this, I find music that I’d like to tell other people about, but this never ends up happening because up until now I’ve never created a platform to explore the music that I love.

That’s why I’m going to try to start writing about music and my relationship to it via this site.  I’m hoping to write about my music library in a specific order (typically one CD – or possibly one band’s whole output – at a time from each binder, so day one will come from the binder labeled “A-Drop”, day two will come from “Dur – Jud”, etc.).  Some days this will take the form of a typical CD review, but other days things will be a little more experimental.

I’m also hoping to share longer stories about some of these bands and how they relate to my life and to dive into some larger issues involving music and culture in general.  But first and foremost, this is going to be my personal story about my relationship to music and my feelings about it.  I’m not an expert, and I’m not trying to tell people what music is good and what isn’t, which is why I’m not rating any of these albums.  Not only is that impossible, but, as you’ll see, my music collection is missing a lot of stuff from the 80’s and 90’s and it tends to skew towards white, male rock bands.  Hopefully, if this site continues, I’ll be able to explore why that happened and why I think my kids’ music collection will be more diverse.  Also, since many of you are either musicians, music educators or music fans yourselves, I’m hoping that you will contribute by leaving comments so that we can build a respectful community of interested music fans.

Finally, for the last year, off and on, I’ve been using Twitter to discuss the Grateful Dead show from that day in history that I’ve listened to at work.  I’m going to move that over here as well, so my Twitter account will link to this site, giving me a little more room to discuss some of these shows (although some writeups may well remain at 140 characters when there’s nothing else to say).  I apologize to everyone in advance.

Enough for now.  I hope that you can join me and look forward to talking with you soon.